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You Work Hard to Prevent Injuries, We are There for When They Happen

Our Job is to Financially Protect Workers at Risk of Assault and Needlestick Injury

LOST-TIME INJURIES: For those who are injured and can’t work, typical disability and worker’s comp plans cover only a portion of income, no overtime, and no out-of-pocket medical expenses. This often leads to financial struggle for injured professionals and their families.

FINANCIAL PROTECTION: You do everything possible to protect at-risk workers. Even so, assault and needlestick injuries cannot be completely eliminated. But there is something more you can do – protect these professionals from the serious financial ramifications of a lost-time injury.


$250,000 of Injury Protection for
Law Enforcement and Healthcare Professionals

SIA-CARE and SIA-PROTECT are the first and only benefit programs that pay up to $250,000 to cover lost wages and medical expenses in the event of a lost-time injury due to on-duty assault or needlestick accident. The programs also pay $200,000 to beneficiaries in the event of an on or off-duty fatal injury due to an accident. Payments are in addition to any other coverages they may have.

A Valuable and Affordable Benefit

Helping Them Stay Focused and Safe So They Can Focus on What Matters

To avoid injury in potentially hazardous situations, law enforcement and healthcare professionals must stay focused on their job and their safety. Knowing that they are protected in the event of assault or a needlestick accident provides important peace-of-mind. You can provide this cost-efficient, valuable coverage and keep your budget balanced.

Meet the Needs of Your Valued Employees and Members, and Stay on Budget.

Whether you represent 5 or 50,000 professionals, we have solutions for you.

We know getting the right benefit level at the right cost can be a difficult balancing act. SIA can tailor custom solutions to fit any budget. Contact us to discuss these and other options, and let us show you how SIA can affordably enhance the benefits of being an employee or member of your organization.

About Specialty Insurance Advisors

Specialty Insurance Advisors (SIA) is the leading provider of workplace assault, needlestick and supplemental insurance for professionals in Law Enforcement, Corrections, Nursing, First Response, and other Healthcare and Human Service occupations.

About Petersen International Underwriters

SIA partners with Petersen International Underwriters (PIU), to offer the first and only assault and needlestick benefits programs for Healthcare Professionals. Using the strength of the world’s insurance markets, PIU has an underwriting capacity that allows the covering of risks that traditional insurance carriers can’t or won’t insure. For nearly 40 years, PIU has been recognized nationally and internationally for the expertise and innovation they have brought to the Life and Health Insurance Industry.

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